At Plantwork Systems we believe in not only playing our part in contributing to a sustainable, clean environment, but also in using our technical expertise and knowledge to create, supply and promote ground breaking new solutions for both the wastewater treatment industry and the commercial sector.

Our core philosophy focuses around 5 key principles to:

ENHANCE technology and biological processes to produce higher quality discharges from wastewater treatment plants.

REMOVE financial barriers to clients being able to meet tighter discharge consents that are being introduced.

RECYCLE water whenever possible to help combat the growing issue of water scarcity.

REDUCE the energy and carbon requirements for wastewater treatment.

SUSTAIN the environment through promotion of sustainable technology.

Out-dated, inefficient methods of sewage treatment can play havoc on the environment, and we see it as our responsibility to do what we do best in providing more effective, sustainable methods of treatment that protect the environment by meeting the tightest of effluent regulations.


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