Our Products

Our technology combines new wastewater treatment design with existing processes, to offer the industry an innovative solution to all wastewater treatment needs. Our product and service range includes the following:


Advanced Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) for treating all biologically treatable wastewater.

Pure SBR

 An enhanced Sequential Batch Reactor process for robust and efficient biological treatment of wastewater.

Spiral Separator

The deHoxar Spiral Separator (dHSS) is a very compact gravity settlement device which benefits from producing thickened sludge.

Filtration +

A low maintenance filter developed to provide an effective extra treatment step to ensure that the effluent from failing WwTPs stays within consent levels for TSS.

Weir Break 5

The Weir Break 5 unit eliminates the danger of back-flow on sites subject to Category 5 water regulations.