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Compensation for Lancashire Water Con...

In the wake of Lancashire’s water contamination scare United Utilities has offered to pay compensation to over 300,000 households affected by the incident. Businesses that may have been affected financially by the contamination are also eligible for compensation. The bug was originally discovered at a water treatment works last Thursday. Concern over the contamination was […]

Raw Sewage Pollution a Concern for Ri...

Raw Sewage Pollution a Concern for Rio Olympics

The International Olympic committee will order testing for viruses in waters intended for competitive use in the Rio de Janeiro games, according to a recent Guardian article. Bacteria is usually tested for in recreational waters and this was the intention for Olympic venues, but after an investigation that showed alarming levels of viruses linked to […]

Water Quality Warnings down to ‘...

The Environment Agency has issued mored than 30 water quality warnings following the weekend’s heavy rain. A surfing charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) have warned that there will be more this summer, citing a “completely oversubscribed” sewage system. The charity are calling for more investment from water companies to prevent further incidents of pollution. Andy […]

Plans for World’s Deepest Pool

The University of Essex is currently in talks to build the world’s deepest swimming pool. At a proposed 50 metres in depth the pool would be used for spaceflight and human endurance testing. The new ‘space pool’ would be 38 metres deeper than NASA’s deep training pool in Houston but is still way off the deepest […]

Governments Told to Act on Climate Ch...

A coalition of the UK’s most eminent scientific, medical and engineering bodies have issued a joined communiqué which tells the world’s governments that immediate action must be taken to avert climate change. The message is not just environmental, their is also an economic incentive to taking action. The communiqué advises that dealing with global warming […]

E.coli and Private Water Supplies

We in England and Wales benefit from water quality that is amongst the highest in the world with only 12 ‘serious’ contamination events in 2014. Standards for potable water are understandably very strict when it comes to our public water supply, however a recent report by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) suggests a very different story when […]

Budget – £11m hit for Anaerobic...

Several articles in the last few days, appearing in the Guardian, Edie and WWT have been critical of George Osbourne’s summer budget, which has dealt a heavy blow to the renewable energy sector. The biggest issue is the removal of the Climate Change Levy (CCL) exemption for renewables which will leave renewable electricity generation eligible […]

Green Energy is Vital for the Nationa...

It’s great to hear that the National Trust is investing substantially in renewable energy. This is long-term thinking from an organisation that in a very obvious way, needs to be thinking about the future. Historic sites such as stately homes, present a huge challenge to their caretakers. The costly energy bills, specialist sewage treatment requirements, […]

Can we Solve London’s Water Sho...

Can we Solve London’s Water Shortage by 2025?

A rather eye-opening article by Marc Herman on lists eight cities that are running out of water. These include Tokyo, Mexico City and yes, London. The list is informed by the United Nations World Water Development report released earlier this year, that put the problem down to human activity and recommended several tactics for […]

The Sewage Treatment Journey

At Plantwork Systems we are always working to innovate and improve our processes in order to provide new and better solutions for treating wastewater. But for now let’s take a look at the journey that your wastewater is likely to take in a UK city today: Down the Drain Chances are that before reading this, you’ll have […]

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