Green Week 2015 Starts Today

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the EU Green Week 2015 conference is taking place in Brussels from today until 5th June. The theme this year is nature and biodiversity!

With that theme in mind we’d like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to conserving our natural environment. As a company responsible for providing technology to the wastewater treatment industry as well as to private and public developers, sustainability and innovation in creating environmentally friendly technologies is an incredibly important part of what we do.

Bridge over River Test-crop

When you consider that water treated using our wastewater treatment plants is often discharged into watercourses that feed the plants and wildlife of the surrounding area, it is absolutely vital that this water has been treated to the very highest quality and meets the most strict standards for harmful nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen.

We are committed to making sure that our technology not only meets these standards but also exceeds them. How we treat our sewage has a direct effect on the environment, and we will continue to work on improving our techniques and processes for an environmentally conscious, sustainable future.

Enhance, Remove, Reduce, Recycle, Sustain!

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