Governments Told to Act on Climate Change

A coalition of the UK’s most eminent scientific, medical and engineering bodies have issued a joined communiqué which tells the world’s governments that immediate action must be taken to avert climate change.

The message is not just environmental, their is also an economic incentive to taking action. The communiqué advises that dealing with global warming would drive economic progress, cut air pollution and improve access to energy, water and food.

Global warming

The most alarming recommendation is that to have a chance of keeping warming below the internationally agreed limit of 2C the world must end all emissions within the next few decades, a target that given current policies would seem unachievable.

The coalition is calling on the UK government to show leadership on the issue, citing the country’s leadership during historical periods of growth and change such as the industrial revolution.

The text of the full communiqué can be found in the Guardian article here.

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