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Designed by Plantwork Systems Ltd, the Filtration+ unit has been developed specifically to provide an effective additional treatment step for the reduction of Suspended Solids in final effluent. A Filtration+ unit is easily installed within an existing plant to ensure the final effluent quality remains within consent and can achieve solids removal levels in excess of 70% with no moving parts. It represents an ideal solution to extend the life of failing works and delay the need for significant capital investment.


Product Specification (for standard unit)

  • Constructed using black Polypropylene
  • No moving parts
  • Overall gross capacity is 8260 litres
  • External diameter is 2900mm
  • Overall vertical height is 1250mm
  • Each unit can treat a peak flow of up to 3 litres per second

Sample taken from a 2 year old Filtration+ unit

Sample taken from a 2 year old Filtration+ unit


The Filtration+ is delivered as one complete ‘plug and play’ unit. Installation time depends on the proximity of the tank to the outlet, the distance of the unit to the return, and whether the system is gravity fed or pumped. The system can be supplied with either Bauer connections for temporary installation or flange connections for permanent installation. It requires a solid base to stand on and in most cases it takes no longer than 1-2 days to install.


Additional Information

  • Solids removal levels of over 70% can be achieved
  • Each unit is fitted with BIO-BLOK® filter media for optimal solids removal
  • During servicing the media is cleaned by hosing down the media with de-sludge valves open
  • There is no need to remove the media for cleaning
  • Each Filtration+ chamber is supplied with removable covers
  • The units are lightweight and easy to transport
  • To service flows from larger works, multiple units can be installed
  • Influent can be pumped or gravity fed
  • Filtration+ units can be moved between WwTPs, offering an affordable and flexible solution

We use BIO-BLOK® filter media in the Filtration+ unit for the reduction of suspended solids in treated waste water. Designed and manufactured by EXPO-NET®, the media is constructed from net tubes which have been welded together to form self-supporting blocks.

This unique design encourages both horizontal and vertical free flow areas, while allowing the formation of surface biological film for solids retention. To prevent clogging, reduction of the biofilm is easily achieved by simply opening the de-sludge valves of the Filtration+ unit and washing down the media.

Made from polyethylene (which is 100% recyclable), BIO-BLOK® is biologically and chemically non-degradable and UV resistant.

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