Protecting our Drinking Water

Most of us are aware of what a serious threat Drinking Water contamination poses. The risk to our environment and to our health is clear but what is not often clear is how little it can take to contaminate a drinking water supply.

The development plans at Hazleton Farm in Portsmouth for 153 acres of housing, businesses, shops and a new primary school are currently causing concern for Portsmouth Water. The development would take place within a protected groundwater source for the Havant and Bedhampton springs, which provide drinking water to 40% of the area’s population. The relationship between a large development such as this and local drinking water is clear, however there are many more risks to our drinking water supply that are rarely taken into consideration.

Water contamination

Back-flow, for example, poses a serious risk to local drinking water supplies. Back-flow can occur if, for instance, a hose is not properly shut off and the main water pressure drops or is cut off. The resulting syphon effect can suck the dirty water back into the mains supply, contaminating it. Despite water regulations resulting in hefty fines for non-compliance, many companies are simply not aware of the risk of back-flow or that their business, no matter how well intentioned, is posing a risk to the local water supply.

There are easy and effective solutions to back-flow that protect not only the local water supply but also the business’s reputation by ensuring that they are complying with the law.

Whether it’s a large development such as Hazleton farm in Portsmouth or something as simple as a fire service washing down its vehicles, the health of something as fundamental as our drinking water supply should never be neglected.

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