Budget – £11m hit for Anaerobic...

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Several articles in the last few days, appearing in the Guardian, Edie and WWT have been critical of George Osbourne’s summer budget, which has dealt a heavy blow to the renewable energy sector. The biggest issue is the removal of the Climate Change Levy (CCL) exemption for renewables which will leave renewable electricity generation el [...]

Green Energy is Vital for the Nationa...

National Trust
It’s great to hear that the National Trust is investing substantially in renewable energy. This is long-term thinking from an organisation that in a very obvious way, needs to be thinking about the future. Historic sites such as stately homes, present a huge challenge to their caretakers. The costly energy bills, specialist sewage treatment r [...]

Can we Solve London’s Water Sho...

Can we Solve London’s Water Shortage by 2025?
A rather eye-opening article by Marc Herman on takepart.com lists eight cities that are running out of water. These include Tokyo, Mexico City and yes, London. The list is informed by the United Nations World Water Development report released earlier this year, that put the problem down to human activity and recommended several tactics for co [...]

The Sewage Treatment Journey

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At Plantwork Systems we are always working to innovate and improve our processes in order to provide new and better solutions for treating wastewater. But for now let’s take a look at the journey that your wastewater is likely to take in a UK city today: Down the Drain Chances are that before reading this, you’ll have emptied some water i [...]

Global Water Supply ‘In distres...

Water Supply
The global water supply is ‘in distress’ according to an article published in the Financial Times yesterday. The article references satellite observations by Nasa and the University of California. Looking at 10 years of data from the twin grace satellites which measure groundwater reserves scientists observed that twenty one of the world’s th [...]

Anglian Water Works with Farmers to F...

Anglian Water are working with farmers to reduce the amount of slug pesticides in the country’s watercourses. Currently, the metaldehyde slug pellets are very difficult to remove from treated wastewater, so farmers are being encouraged to switch to other chemicals for dealing with the slugs. The European Union’s Water Framework Directive curr [...]